are electronic cigarettes bad for you?

It is commonly believed that electronic cigarettes are better for you than normal cigarettes, but the information is different than this analogy as there is little scientific evidence to back this claim up. Even the World Health Organization has cautioned about the risks of using electronic cigarettes and the FDA has also stated that they may be safer than normal cigarettes. So until further research comes along there is no conclusive evidence to support these claims.

How does vaping affect your lungs?

According to the medicalnewstoday Vaping and DNA damage. Research published in January 2018 found that mice exposed to e-cigarette vapor displayed DNA damage in the lungs, bladder, and heart. This damage may increase their risk of cancer, heart disease, and lung problems.

A link to that study on mice can be found here

Do Electronic Cigarettes affect your lungs?

According to the blog at biomedcentral the answer is a that they do, but less than normal cigarettes – “While e-cigarettes are considered less risky than cigarettes, they may still damage the lungs. E-cigarette aerosols typically contain nicotine, additives and other contaminants that can affect normal lung biology, and in vitro studies have shown that e-cigarettes can modify lung epithelial and endothelial cell biology.”