How long can a cigar last?

How long can cigars last? There is not a one size fits all set of specific rules for cigar aging and maintenance. Every kind of cigar has a different flavor, aroma, and so on. However, there is one thing you can be sure of with any kind of cigar: as long as it is properly maintained, it will last indefinitely.

Keeping cigars fresh

If you want your cigars to last as long as possible- that is, forever, you must make sure the proper humidity is maintained. For this, you’ll need to store your cigars in a humidor, a box that maintains a specific humidity level despite fluctuations in the temperature of the environment. Humidors can be pricey, but they’re a must-have for anyone starting a cigar collection. As long as your humidor is properly calibrated, you can leave your cigars in there indefinitely, or at least until you feel they have aged the ideal amount.

A cigar’s ideal age

They may last forever if kept at the proper humidity, but how long can cigars last until they are the perfect age for smoking. You should let your cigars stay in the humidor for two or three months before smoking them, so they are able to age. That being said, a cigar usually reaches its ideal age after five years. It shouldn’t be moist or dry, as the oils should be maintained within the cigar. After the ideal age has been reached, a cigar may peak in quality and its flavor and aroma can diminish after this point. It is important that you become familiar with your favorite cigar brands, so you know when it is the opportune time to retrieve them from the travel humidor.

Don’t mistreat your cigars!

Let’s say you don’t decide to invest in a humidor. How long can cigars last when left to the elements? Your cigars will quickly deteriorate without the proper care they require. Some may last a month or so, though they could be ruined after a few days. A humidor is absolutely necessary for long-term cigar maintenance.

So, how long can cigars last? As long as you want, if the proper humidity is maintained. When stored in a humidor, your cigars won’t get too dry or too moist and will be able to mature into the ideal flavor and aroma. Without adequate maintenance, they might last a month, if you’re lucky.